The combination of generative AI (GPT), augmented reality (AR) and next versions of the Metaverse will lead to the creation of new functionalities and communities; expanded venues for social and commercial exchanges; a flowering of creativity in the visual arts, writing and fashion; fully automated humanistic encounters with AI agents handling such things as legal, finance, professional training and health and fitness counseling; interactions with celebrities; co-op experiences with prominent athletes; travel to exotic and fun locales; digital humans that can act as though they are human and understand human feelings. Augmented reality will create a real-world environment with overlaid ai-generated perceptual information for a truly immersive experience. Companies will need to reinvent – where, when, what, how and why?

To understand how GAM (generative Ai / augmented reality / metaverse) will shape our futures, we created the GAM 2024 report. This GAM Foresight Report provides future scenarios and identifies new opportunities for growth and potential collaborations that are in and adjacent to your business. We also highlight emerging or atypical threats across most industries and business models.



GAM will power up in a new race of innovation to disrupt the current mega-tech players. For nearly three decades, our foresight team has meticulously researched weak signals. Some have manifested into macro forces of change and have resulted in the creative destruction of old industries and the creation of new ones. We have created a scenario player to allow companies to create their own specific scenarios and understand these underlying threats.4 tangible ways to use the 12 GAM Scenarios: 



This GAM strategic foresight project was created by former Idea Couture CEO/co-founder Idris Mootee and the team from The Foresight Studio, after 2,000+ hours of scanning. It is considered the most comprehensive strategic foresight toolkit. It includes all the Weak Signals, Frameworks, Scenarios, and Tools required to conduct future-looking exercises within your organization or your clients. It will help you to make robust decisions for the future in times of data overflow and volatile and highly dynamic environments. It can be used to fill imagination gaps, solve alignment issues, and develop critical strategic questions for your organizations. It is also in humanity’s collective interest that we develop these strategic futures.

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This GAM report is a compilation of our foresight analysts visions, as well as all materials needed for you or your team to perform their own foresight analysis. This report contains:

1) The GAM 2024 Report (214 Pages)

2) The GAM Toolkit

3) 10 Scan Cards and Access to coolab.ai's FREE Scan Card Design Tool

4) Free Audiobook: Using Strategic Foresight to Map The Futures of Generative AI: An Executive Leadership Guide.

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